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RestrainersRestrainers & other tools

Recommended stocking for the most popular small animal products.
- Rodent Restrainers - Broome Style
- Rodent Restrainers - Flat Bottom
- Rabbit Restrainers
- Surgery Boards
- Rodent Injection Cones
- Guinea Pig Restrainers

More information: Restrainers & other tools

clear_H2OClearH2O,  Hydratation gels

ClearH2O, the market leader in hydration gels, is committed to providing a full range of products that meet your hydration, nutrition and enrichment needs. Our in-house scientists blend life science with food technology in gel products that are convenient to use and easy to consume. Our knowledge of taste preferences improves consumption, enhancing wellness and survival for special needs animals. ClearH2O products help you protect your investment in research and results.

More information: ClearH2O, Hydratation gels

BioFlex_Softwall_Primate_Isolator_-_Internal.JPGBell Isolation Systems

Bell Isolation Systems is a market leader in providing innovative solutions for biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical and electronic applications. Our extensive knowledge and expertise in the use and design of flexible film isolation equipment, ensures we provide our customers with products to suit even the most demanding requirements. Flexible Film Isolators are built from high quality materials, using the latest manufacturing techniques, ensuring equipment reliability with low servicing and maintenance costs. So whatever your needs are in this field, Bell Isolation Systems can provide an innovative, flexible and lasting solution. (eg, BSL3 and BSL 4).

Visit the website of Bell Isolation Systems.

545D_Flessenwas_002.jpgMeiko washing machines in many varieties 

View our newest tunnel washer M-IQ