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Air shower

Air shower
PEA specializes in the following products: 
  • Air Showers
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Sluices
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Generators
  • Gastight Pneumatic Doors

air showers pea

The Air Washing Sluices are meant to prevent transfer of dust particles to the clean room side by an entering person.

PEA air washing sluices are made out of stainless steel for all clean room classes. Herewith all persons entering a clean room are passing an effective air wash (shower) in advance. Because of this the transfer of dust particles can be almost avoided.


An outstanding attribute is the modular concept of the air washing sluice. Because of this modular concept the air washing sluice can also be used as a gasable (H202) material sluice (option).

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