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Animal housing

Animal housing
Since the establishment of ZOONLAB in 1948 the company has been producing cages for animals. ZOONLAB has played a very important role in the development of the famous macrolon cages, especially in the development of the racks and bars. The products in our catalogue reflect many years of experience built together with our users (the pharmaceutical industry, universities and scientific institutions). Our cages are "state of the art" concerning choice of materials and production techniques.


ZOONLAB is also ahead of its competitors regarding the latest developments, such as the IVC rack. The IVC Mikros- AS racks scaffolds have been developed in such a way that it is possible for them to function under positive as well as negative pressure. Smoke tests show that the ZOONLAB IVC racks are among the best on the market. For more detailed information we would like to invite you to visit our showroom. There is also a possibility for us to visit you.

Our drawing and design department can help you with the construction and/or renovation of animal accommodations. We can also assist you with the entire arrangement of the accommodations. We gladly put our knowledge at your disposal to assist you in finding suitable solutions. All our activities come under our ISO 9001 update 2000, which for you is an extra assurance of quality. To get an impression of our products, we refer you to our website: www.zoonlab.de



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