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Bedding dust-free Aspen

Bedding dust-free Aspen
TAPVEI® is a leading manufacturer of high-quality aspen products for laboratory animals. The company has over 25 years’ experience in improving animal welfare and creating better, safer working environments. Products have been developed in co-operation with research laboratories and clients to create the perfect environment.



Our innovative technology means that Tapvei bedding material has no sharp edges. This significantly reduces dust levels which, in turn has a major impact on
dust related costs and the operational problems associated with excessive dust. Our bedding is made from highest quality Nordic aspen and dried using only 100% renewable bioenergy.

Tapvei aspen bedding is available in a variety of sizes.
2x2x1 mm, 5x5x1 mm


Nesting material

Our nesting material (wood wool) is made from pure, untreated aspen. The soft strips of wood serve as an ideal nest-building material and cage enrichment for laboratory animals.

Our nesting material is available in a variety of sizes suitable for different animals.
1,5 mm x 20 cm, 3 mm x 20 cm, 5 mm x 20 cm


Environmental Enrichments

Our environmental enrichment products fulfil your animals’ natural instinctive needs, prompting hiding, climbing and gnawing and maintaining general wellbeing. Untreated Nordic aspen is safe for the animal, washable and 100% biodegradable.

Tubes, Arcades, Houses

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