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Cage enrichment

Cage enrichment
The products for cage enrichment have been divided in four categories:

Products in the category Cage enrichment for rodents and rabbits

NEW | Mouse Swing | Sizzle-Nest | Nest-pakBed-r'Nest | Disposable mice- and rats homes | Rodent homes | Play tunnels | Polycarbonate Mouse-Hammock | Wooden Sticks | Hay cops & hay agglomerates | Cocoon | Gnaw-cookies | Igloos | Straw and hay packets | Mouse cottage


 NEW: Bio Services Product Guide (pdf)

Rat scratcher Innovation Award 2019

The Rat Scratcher was the winner of the 2019 JWI Award.

Rat scratcher Innovation Award 2019

The Rat Scratcher has been designed to reduce stress and promote natural behaviour and grooming in rats.
With its easy clip-on fitting, this award-winning environmental enrichment device can be suspended from cage bars, allowing rodents to pass underneath and brush themselves by rubbing on the textured surface. 


The Mouse Swing, pure genius in its simplicity, clips easily on to the bars of most cages, increases the use of the 3-dimensional cage space and encourages climbing - a natural behaviour for mice.

As a further aid, the use of the double Mouse Swing to suspend a tunnel provides a refuge from cage-mates or from accidental flooding. Behavioural studies with
NSG mice show interaction with the swings during 40% of the observation session by touching, climbing, chewing or swinging.

  • Encourages climbing and hanging
  • Creates a refuge when used with a
  • play tunnel
  • Has an easy clip-on design
  • Cost effective
  • Autoclavable
More information: IAT Bulletin Mouse Swing (PDF)


Sizzle-Nest, a high quality dust free and clean nesting material suitable for caged or penned animals. The paper strands are cleanly cut and virtually dust free, which drastically reduces respiratory and other problems resulting from airborne particles.

Sizzle-Nest forms a soft, springy and comfortable mat making ideal bedding and nesting material, its absorption capacity means that bedding in contact with the animal stays dry for added comfort. Sizzle-Nest is made from un-bleached brown Kraft paper which is cut and folded, it is GLP compliant and has full certification.



Nest-pak, dit This innovative product combines F.D.A. Paper and Certificated Wood Bedding, manufactured to provide laboratory animals with enrichment.

  • Guaranteed Environmental Enrichment
  • Reduction in Airborne Particles
  • Labour Saving
  • Suits All Cages Including Isolators & IVCs
  • Saving Costs of Materials
  • Saving Costs of Procurement

Bed'r Nest kooiverrijking en nest materiaal voor muizen

Bed-r'Nest kooiverrijking muizen


Portion Controlled

  •  Provides consistent amount of nesting material to every cage, every time 
  •  Each 8 gram Bed-r’Nest provides animals with an industry recommended amount of nesting material

Easy to Dispense

  •  No pulling, tearing or preparation
  •  Can be placed immediately into a cage Virgin

Kraft Paper

  •  Made of 100% virgin kraft paper
  •  Designed to resemble the thin strands of grass and other  materials mice use to build nests in nature

Watch the Bed-r'Nest video !

                           Bed-r'Nest video youtube kooiverrijking muizen
  • Bulk irradiated at point of manufacture
  • To ensure sterility, Bed-r’Nest can be supplied vacuum packed and irradiated

Virtually Dust-free

  • As a virtually dust-free product, Bed-r’Nest avoids clogging air filters and eliminates eye irritations for nude  and hairless mice

Cost Savings

  •  Ability to transfer Bed-r’Nest during cage change and use more than once
  •  Re-using through the cage change transfers animals’ smells and familiarity to the new cage. This reduces stress during the cage change process and can reduce aggression.


Disposable mice- and rats homes

Disposable rodent homes provide excellent shelter and environmental enrichment for your animals and allow good carer visibility. Rodent homes come in four intelligent designs and are suitable for rats and mice housed in a wide variety of cage environments including IVCs. These brilliant little homes are manufactured in the UK from specially selected GLP compliant materials. They are light, sturdy, safe for gnawing and easily disposed of. 

Rat Corner House

Rodent homes - practical and animal friendly

  • Improved design for secure nesting
  • More holes stimulate activity and reduce aggression
  • Specially selected GLP compliant paper pulp material
  • Better value and enhanced cage space
  • Autoclavable, ideal for IVCs
  • Animals are snug but easy to view



Cardboard Play tunnels

A range of GLP cardboard play tunnels and transparent tinted polycarbonate mouse and rat tunnels in sizes to suit your requirements. These adaptable tunnels provide practical enrichment for your animals, reducing boredom and aggression and providing animals with natural activity and a sense of security.

Polycarbonate Play tunnels

Made from clear red or amber coloured polycarbonate. The tunnels provide an excellent enrichment and shelter to your rodents in their daily activity while they stay at your visibility, preventing boredom and agressive behaviour. The tunnels are available for rat and mice with an optional stainless steel wire hanger to suspend the tunnel. They are cagewasher safe and autoclavable.


Polycarbonate Rat/Mouse Retreat

New in the assortiment is the rat/mouse retreat. Made of transparant red or amber coloured polycarbonate the retreat offers your animals a dark shelter without dissapearing to your vissibility. The retreat can also be climbed and therefore it provides entertainment as well as shelter. The retreat is available for rat and mice, stockable and easy to clean in the cage washing machine or autoclave.



Wooden sticks, manufactured of Espenwood from the high, clean north of Sweden. The product is free of heavy metals and pesticides and it provides in the natural need to chew. It is suitable for rodents and rabbits.

  • Cage enrichment
  • Increase of exploration
  • Promotes teeth wearing


SSNIFF® hay cops & hay agglomerates promote the well-being of rabbits, guinea-pigs, hamsters & gerbils and are deliverable in pellets of 15 mm (hay cops) and 50 mm (hay agglomerates). The use of hay cops and hay agglomerates results in quiet behaviour of the animals, whether saw dust is used or not. The product is pressed and dried at high temperatures and is therefore virtually germ free at delivery.

Cocoon cage enrichment nesting material rodents

cocoon cage enrichment nesting material rodents

cocoon cage enrichment nesting material rodentsC


Cocoon offers the animal an oppertunity to fulfill their natural nesting instinct. It's small, cylindrical. lightweight form makes it possible for the animals to transport it around their enviroment. Cocoon 's short fibres are save for the animals and allows them to build soft nests just like in their natural habitat.

Cocoon is whitened without chlorine and a fuill certification can be provides on request.

An economic solution offering considerible cost savings whilst providing a uniform quantity of nesting material into each cage

Nestlets kooiverrijking nestmateriaal knaagdieren

Nestlets cage enrichment rodents


Nestlets retain warmth without obstructing airflow or humidity disspation. Inert and non-ingestible. They will not compact or form threads or ligatures.

They are soft and absorbent without being dessicactive and are non-irritating even to newborn young.

Nestelets utilises the inherent insticnt of rodents to shread and build nests.

The act of shredding is a natural occupation and exercise, so is therefore benefical.

Nestlets are economical and seves in labour, matertial handling, storage and disposable

The Perfect Nesting Material


Straw- and hay packets in 1.0 and 1.5 kilogram packing, pressed in a way which conserves the natural structure of the hay and straw and allows for easy picking of small quantities. The straw and hay are of excelling quality throughout the year and is packed dust-free. This product is suitable for rabbits and guinea-pigs, although other rodents can also benefit from straw and hay. Advantages of this product are: no heavy packages, no left-over product which needs to be stored in the animal housing, makes excellent animal-friendly bedding and provides in the natural need to chew.




Mouse – Cottage

Het The new EBECO Mouse Cottage is made of polycarbonate in red transparent colour. The product is autoclavable, non-toxic and stackable.

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Products in the category Brushes for cattle


Excellent cattle brush combination, keeps the animals skin clean and healthy.
Controls all skin parasites, such as:

  • Scurvy
  • Lice
  • Fungi
  • Flies etc.

Effective and economical use of pesticides. Because the animals tend to rub at irritated spots, the agent is applied thouroughly at the intended place. Moreover, the brush omits the need for shaving.


Brushset with coil for wall attachment

  • Special nylon cattle brush
  • Horizontal brush which is movable in every direction
  • No overhanging or protruding bolts and clamps
  • The maximum number of coil windings is used
  • The horizontal brush does not twist


BL Double brush

  • Optimally shaped brush made of wear-free polyester
  • Timer controlled operation
  • Brush adapts to size and shape of the animal


BL Electrical brush

  • Optimally shaped brush made of wear-free polyester
  • Timer controlled operation
  • Brush adapts to size and shape of the animal

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Products in the category Mats and matrasses


Rubber stable mat on roll of type KE

  • Hygienic
  • High comfort
  • Important for the health of your animals

Stalmat type KSN

Rubber stable mat on roll of type KSN

  • Hygienic
  • High comfort
  • Important for the health of your animals

Comfort schuimmatras

Comfort foam matrass.

Comfort foam matrass for box stables consists of a 8mm rubber topcoating combined with a special foam base layer. The base layer is coated at the edges to avoid soiling of the innner material. Animals can lay down comfortable of this matrass for 16 hours a day.

Comfort cow matrass Hight: 10 mm
Length: 5-35 mtr
Width: 170/180/200 cm
Foam (base)matrass Hight: 25 mm
Length: 145/155/165/175/185 cm
Width: 120 cm

Comfy Cushion koematras

Comfy Cushion cow matrass.

A revolutionary cow matrass consisting of 100% rubber tubes. The soft permeable undercoating makes sure the cow is always dry and comfortable. The Comfy Cushion prevents injuries caused by the sliding of hoofs. The cushion has proven to increase the cows health and production of milk.

The new BSM Comfy cow matrass consists of several components. The matrass is build up of tubes which are filled with rubber granules. The 8 cm wide tubes provide flexibility and cushioning. The tubes are tied together in pairs and then twisted around eachother (see illustration), resulting in a sheer endless matrass. The individual components of the matrass can not shift out out of place. The tubes are covered with a strong polyester topcoat. The topcoat can be attached to the matrass by means of the supplied polyester strips.

Bevestigingsstrip Comfy Cushion  Attachment strips for Comfy Cushion
  • Attachment strips with bolts
  • For the optimal placement of your Comfy Cushion cow matrass
  • Can be delivered in aluminium or stainless steel at additional costs

Ontsmettings-/inloop mat

Disinfection/walk-in mat, for the prevention of hoof problems.

  • 60 cm wide
  • Easy to clean
  • Optimal comfort
  • Less time spent on hoof maintenance

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Products in the category Shed enrichment for large animals


Play ball for pigs, in yellow, Ø 30 cm

The play ball for pigs is one of the products which Schippers provides for distraction and enrichment of the shed. The balls are made of virtually undestructable polyester. The playball decreases aggression and prevents biting of tails and ears.


MS Rubber toy for biting

This toy for pigs consists of 33 cm long rubber tubes, which are tied together with steelwire. The toy provides distraction and prevents biting of tails and ears and other behavioural problems.

Zwevende nippelbuissteun

Suspended nippletube support, stainless steel, for 2 nipples. Special nippletube support, which is suspended from the ceiling by means of of a chain and is poisitioned in the middle of the shed. The movability of the nippletube support allows each pig to find its most comfortable drinking position, thus preventing spilling. The support is intended for the attachment of 2 nipples. Length of stainless steel tube: 61 cm. Adjustable galvanised chain: 250 cm.


Play chain

Sqaure chackles, sold per bundle of 30 metres. Simple chain which is suitable as play chain for pigs.

Sqaure chackles. Delivered in bundles of 30 metres.


Mineral licking block for pigs, 4½ kg. Round model. The licking block is not just intended for snacking, but also has growth promoting en sedative features. Some of the minerales used in this blocks have a proven sedative action. The pigs can play with the block (for relaxation), lick it (for distraction) and benefit from the minerals (sedative and growth promoting). Average uptake of 10 to 20 gr per day per animal. Contains extracts from plants, magnesium, calcium, zinc, manganese and iron, among others. The special licking block support is made of stainless steel.

Mineralen likblok + RVS likblokhouder

Licking block support, stainless steel.

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