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disinfection sluice systems

disinfection sluice systems


 Air disinfection

The Phileas disinfection system is based on a patented technology in which an active agent in the form of microscopic droplets is released into the atmosphere with the help of a rotating disk.

In the Phileas range you will find devices suitable for handling all types of volumes: small (less than 1 m3 to the largest (600 m3)
and different configurations (height, multiple parts).

No wet spots

The Phileas has been developed in such a way that the mist formed does not leave any traces when condensation forms and that surfaces remain dry.

No more having to put everything away, electronic equipment remains in the room. Also done with wet stains after a more aggressive treatment.

The benefits of H2O2
without the disadvantages

Phileasafe is the commercial name for the product used in the Phileas range. Phileasafe is specially designed for these devices and contains only 7% hydrogen peroxide.

This 7% is sufficient to achieve a reduction of max 7log, without being aggressive for the treated surfaces. The product has no specific handling requirements, nor transportation requirements.

An exceptionally large application range

The Phileas range is able to offer solutions for volumes ranging from 0.1 m³ to more than 600 m³. If necessary for even larger spaces, a combination of several devices can be used.


Phileas Genius

Process volume from 0.1 to 9 m³

Suitable for incubators and CO2 incubators, safety work benches (Bio Saftey Cabinets BSC),

Phileas 25

Process volume from 3 to 40 m³

Suitable for locks, Climate room, Dressing room, ...

Phileas 75

Process volume from 10 to 160 m³

Suitable for medium-sized laboratories or rooms, ...

Phileas 250

Process volume from 50 to 600 m³

Suitable for large laboratories or several
medium sized spaces, ...

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