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Hydratation and dietgels

Hydratation and dietgels
ClearH2O, the market leading manufacturer for hydration and nutrion gels, is committed to provide a full range of products for hydration, nutrition and enrichment needs of your animals.


Our in-house scientists are combining life science with food technology. Clear H2O diliveres gel products that are easy to use and easy to consume. Our knowledge of taste preferences improves consumption, the gels also promote the welfare and survival of animals during transport. ClearH2O products de help you to protect your investment in the research and the results.
There are various gels available, click on the name to get more information.

hydrogel logo

Hydrogel hydrates animals, in transit. May be used as water supplement and emergency source of water.

HydroGel (PDF)

dietgel logo

Dietgels are available as different complete soft diets for weak, impaired, post surgical, recovering and animals in transit.

DietGel Recovery (PDF)
DietGel 76A (PDF)
Dietgel Criticare (PDF)
Dietgel Boost (PDF)
Dietgel Marmo (PDF)

medigel logo

Medigels are non wetting water based gels applicable for medication delivery.

Their is a choice of medicated gels and medigels sucralose can be used to add medication, compounds or supplements.

MediGel Sucralose (PDF)

MediGel FBZ (PDF)
Medigel CPF (PDF)

Medigel IVR (PDF)

labgel logo

Labgel is a Naturally flavoured gel for enrichment, hydration and medication delivery

LabGel (PDF)

fiberbites logo

Fiberbites are nutraceutical gummie treats.

FiberBites (PDF)

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