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Laboratory foods and special diets

Laboratory foods and special diets
The name ssniff® stands for years of experience in diet physiology and technical development in the service of science. In the area of diet physiology is our know-how your guarantee for problem solving. The qualified staff of ssniff®, in-house and in the field, are responsible for expert advice, give solutions to problems and take care of a fast and correct completion. With our certified quality management, we guarantee, according to DIN and ISO 9001 and the GMP guidelines of the WHO, your quality requirements. Our philosophy of quality, product responsibility, and service is the basis for your research.

Ssniff® Quality guarantee

ProfielAll products are encompassed by our continuous quality control according to the legal norms and prescriptions and the recommendations of the GV-SOLAS. The quality system of ssniff® is based upon DIN and ISO 9001 and the GMP guidelines from the WHO. For each charge, according to legal guidelines, a sample is taken and judged on sensory, physical and chemical properties.


ssniff® standard diet

De The standard products are examined for moisture, raw protein, raw fat and raw cell matter. Further examinations (e.g. vitamin, mineral and trace elements, amino acids) are taken accord to a consistent plan. After processing, the native defects are straightened out, based upon the optimal recipe. In this way, the amounts and a comparable composition have been very stable through the years.


ssniff® certified diet

The highest assurance is given by the ssniff® certified diet. For instance, these are used in GLP experiments. Each charge is examined on more than 50 parameters (incl. heavy metals, PCB’s, aflatoxins and antibiotic activity). The original results are made available to the customer. This way, the customer has the advantage of not having to wait for the food.


Ssniff® delivery and service program

ssniff® standard
  • Complete diet for rats, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, pigs, dogs, cats, primates and poultry, in powder (single or double grinder) in pellets or extruded.
Speciaal treated
  • Germ-poor autoclaveble = extra vitamins (fortified) and powdered; sterilised by gamma rays
  • Packaging: 10 kg paper or PE-bag (extruded)
  • Special packaging upon request
  • High fibre feed for rodents, hay sticks, hay briquettes in 10 kg packaging
ssniff® special
  • Customer-oriented special diets like:
  • Test-substance diet
  • Experimental diet (based upon cleaned raw materials)
  • Diet with specific functionality
  • AIN/NIH-recipes

If you want to order a special diet please use  this  form.

ssniff® extras
  • Certified diets for GLP-research analyses per charge
  • Feed analyses by independently certified laboratories. The original analysis results are available at a low price through a certification plan

  • "ssniff® Information" – our scientific information service is always available for you

  • Ssniff® delivers from production directly to the end-user


Ssniff® Extrudants

ProfielThermal mechanical treatment in the production of test-animal diet, is ever increasing in importance. The goal with this is to reach special feed physiological properties and especially the exclusion of native starch.

The starch molecule in this way is better and faster accessible for the enzyme. At the same time the part of non-absorbent and unwanted starch-rests decreases. The whole of this avoids a large proportion of diet disorders.

Another important advantage is that the hygienic level is clearly improved through an important decrease in the germ count. Studies have shown that pathogenic germs in these products are not evident. Extrudants are thus an alternative for autoclaveble diet.

Ssniff® extrudants have a high digestion and are germ-poor.


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