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NSet Non-Surgical Embryo Transfer Device

NSet  Non-Surgical Embryo Transfer Device
NSET Non-Surgical Embruo Transfer Device
The NSET device is revolutionising the procedure for implanting an embryo into the uterus of rodents when producing transgenic or knock-out mice.

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  • NSET-mediated transfer is as equally efficient as standard oviduct tramsfer for the production of transgenic mice via microinjection
  • The NSET device has been successfully used to transfer blastocyts generated by the aggregation of morulas with gene-targeted R1 ES cells.
  • The NSET device has successfully transfered cryopreserved embry


  • Reduces costs of embryo transfer up to 75%
  • Eleminates the pain and distress of surgery
  • No Anaesthesia required
  • Eliminates need for post-surgical monitoring of animals
  • Reduces regulatory burden by eliminating need to justify survival surgery
  • Eliminates surgical instruments and time consuming pre and post surgical processes
  • Greatly reduces time required to become proficient in embryo transfer

NSET can be used for

  • Embryo transfer after DNA microinjection
  • Transfer of ES cell chimeric blastocysts
  • Transfer of cryopreserved embryos
  • Transfer of cells after in vitro fertilisation
  • Embryo transfer for redirivation 

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