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Hand desinfectie

Hand desinfectie

ltx handdispenser

Purell advanced ontsmettende handgel



General Features

With a single introduction of the hands -gloved or not- into the unit's interior, the machine automatically emits a hydroalcoholic and dermoprotective disinfectant which rapidly evaporates. No physical contact is necessary thanks to the infra-red detection system. The housing is made of stainless steel for easy inspection, as is the liquid tank for sterilisation by steam autoclave.


  • Speed: in only 1,5 seconds doses enough liquid to disinfect the hands.
  • Efficiency: reduction in microbes by more than 90%.
  • Hygienic: as no physical contact is necessary, cross-contamination is avoided, the entire unit can be fully disinfected and the deposit tank can be sterilised.
  • Convenience: easy to install on walls or surfaces.
  • Economical: uses only 0.5 ml of disinfectant in each spray cycle.


Disinfecting of hands in the Pharmaceuticals, Food, Cosmetics, Hospitals and Biotechnology industries, amongst others. All kinds of applications in the clinical sphere where asepsis is required

Technical Specifications

The Handyclean basically consists of three parts:

  • The CPU electronic system
  • Tank / liquid piping system
  • The liquid propulsion circuit

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