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Instrumentarium onderhoud en maatwerk

Instrumentarium onderhoud en maatwerk
Instrumentarium Maatwerk:
  • RVS instrument dozen
  • Oral needle custom-made
  • Plastic Feeding Tubes for Rodents


BBraun Medical produceert en levert:

  • Aesculap algemeen instrumentarium
  • Aesculap microinstrumentarium
  • Aesculap HF-chirurgie
  • Aesculap camerasystemen
  • Aesculap boor- en zaagapparatuur
  • Containers
  • Scheerapparaten
  • Spuiten, naalden & hechtmaterialen
  • Desinfectantia

Producten voor bereiding en toediening:

  • Bereidingsspikes
  • Spuiten en naalden
  • I.V. canules
  • Diverse connectors en adapters
  • Infuuspompen
  • Water voor injectie
  • Zoutoplossingen, glucose, plasmavervangers enz. in diverse presentaties

RVS instrument dozen

RVS instrument dozen:

  • 20x10x5cm
  • 22x15x5cm
  • 26x15x5cm
  • 30x20x5cm
  • 40x20x8cm
Oral needle custom-made Oral needle custom-made, examples:
  • 38 mm, 20 G, curved or straight
  • 80 mm, or 16LL, curved or straight

plastic feeding tubes

Plastic Feeding Tubes for Rodents

Many researchers have converted the plastic feeding tubes to reduce the risk of trauma and perforation and for simplicity of a low cost, disposable device. The soft, bulb-shaped tip is designed to obviate inadvertent tube placement in the trachea.

Compatibility with Test Compounds. These tubees feature materials designed to minimize the risk of interactions with test compounds. The tube and luer are constructed of polypropylene which is the same material used in the plastic syringes used to draw up and infuse the test compound. The soft, bulb-shaped tip is fabricated from medical grade elastomer (though only a tiny part of this tip is in the fluid path).

Insert Molded Bonds. Instead of using the solvents and glues used on other plastic feeding tubes, insert-molds the luer and rubber tip directly to the tube. This method improves the bond strength of the connections, reduces leaks and detachments, and assures more consistent results.

Variety of Sizes. Plastic feeding tubes are available in a range of diameters and lengths to allow for use in most small laboratory animals. Custom tube lengths are also available; for more info please just contact us.

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